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Best Ways to Trade Stocks

How to trade stocks or where to invest? there are no financial security is 100% secure. Every time you invest in financial markets. You are assuming a certain level of risk because there is no guarantee that your security will generate

Advanced Guide to Fibonacci Trading

Introduction This is a guide to trading with Fibonacci numbers. There are many tools based on Fibonacci. You will learn how to use the most popular such as Fibonacci retracements, Fibonacci Extensions, and Expantion. You will also learn

Stock Market A-Z Terms

A Accrual - Provision of premiums and discounts on directly related exchange transactions for depositing swap (interest arbitration) deals in each transaction period. Adjustment - Official action either by payment imbalances or by

Stock Trading For Beginners

What is share or Stock? It is very difficult for Stock Trading For Beginners, in this article we are explaining how the company is offering a share to the public. Each public company listed on the exchange provides an opportunity

Elliott Waves Theory

Elliott Waves Theory were introduced by Ralph Nelson Elliott in the 1930 for stock trading. The theory is based on the phenomenon of mass psychology, which more often than not predetermines the outcome of the market behavior.

Position Sizing Calculator

Commodity / Currency Click to Download Calculator Formula Example: Total Capital = 100000, Risk Per Trade = 2% of Total Capital, Top Loss = 15 Pips Pips Value = 10 (Crude Oil Only) Stock / Shares Click