Who We Are?

We are a Technical Analyst, Market Researcher, Educator, Independent Trader, Blogger, and YouTuber and have been providing quality analysis for professional traders for 11 years.

We are experts in day trading and the area of patterns, price action, and time analysis as it applies, to futures, Forex and stocks. He provides educational services for investors looking to improve their analysis and trading skill.

Specialist money management principles and trading system developments:-

Trading and forecasting highlights:

  • Trading Style: Day/Swing Trader and Positional Trader
  • Area of Expertise: Energy, Metals, Indices, and Currencies.
  • Favorite Instruments: Crude oil, Zinc, Gold, Bank Nifty, EUR/USD, GPB/USD.
  • Indicator used- technical
  • Margin used 1% to 3%
  • Drawdown: 6% to 10%
  • Trade average : 2-3 trade / day
  • Win percentage of 90%
  • Profit potential 10% to 12% monthly.